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Use live video to build your audience online and to dramatically increase your brand’s engagement and awareness.

tood-bergin-about-picJust in case you don’t know already, my name is Todd Bergin, the guy behind If you want to market your business or brand with video, especially live video, and you aren’t sure where to start (or if you are full of concerns and apprehensions), then this page is for you!

What is live video?

I’ve been doing live video since 2015, and my opinion is that live video is essentially video that streams live from it’s source and broadcasts in real time.

This live video may or may not allow for real time engagements with viewers, but the video itself is indeed live.

However, I also consider ‘live video’ to be video that is *almost live*, such as micro video content that is created and published just a second or two after it was created. A snap on Snapchat or a ‘story’ on Instagram is just that sort of content that I’m referring to.

What to expect from live video?

Note: Have podcast episodes from people who are big in the business about what a beginner can expect when getting into live video.

Setting Expectations

1. Live video is NOT easy and it takes a lot of practice and hard work.

While live video is NOT easy, it isn’t necessarily hard, either. What is difficult is that getting results with live video takes patience. And patience is hard.

The bottom line is that, in getting started in live video as an entrepreneur or marketer, you will want to have a plan in place and to go into it with an attitude that you are going to fucking kick ass with it!

And to be honest with you, the odds are high against you getting rich off your live video efforts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

Because the odds of you getting rich off of any endeavor are slim - unless you are patient, determined, willful, self-disciplined, among other things, and with a message you are passionate about and that resonates with the folks.

Even if you aren’t getting rich, you can build your community and nurture your relationships with people in your community and do pretty well for yourself.
The friends you make along the way are indeed potential customers. The longer you work at it, and the more you care about the people in your community and help them along the way, the more you will prosper, in every facet of your online existence.

And I’m there to guide you; to share my experiences in video (and most importantly, live video), and to give you the information you need to get started and to excel.

But you have to be ready to do it. You have to get serious, take action, and have fun growing through your video marketing efforts.

2. Creating your audience and making sales through live video does NOT happen overnight.

There aren’t many overnight sensations. To strive for such success is an exercise in futility.

When I started live video, I started on Snapchat. And I didn’t have a clue about how Snapchat worked, and how to use it.

So in order to teach myself, I began to teach others.

A year later, I’m still learning how to use Snapchat and other live video options to the best of my abilities.

And I’ve had great success in creating an audience and community, and you can do it, too.

But it takes creating content, day by day, without fail, to get somewhere with it. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Patience and perseverance. Without it, live video won’t be easy.

3. Generating an income through the use of live video is NOT impossible.

It may be hard, but it is not impossible.

When you think about making money through live video, it might be best to think about making money in some other fashion, and promoting the shit out of it with live video.

For instance, let’s say you create a tee shirt brand to celebrate your interest in photography. Making effective use of live video, along with recorded video, to promote you and your brand could really help make your tee shirt business explode.

And I’ve done it.

Product videos that I’ve created both live and recorded for YouTube have helped explode one of my businesses - and you can do it, too.

But you need a home on the internet. You need a place where people can come to consume your content and perhaps buy what you are selling.

Getting Started in Live Video Must Have #1

You need a website.

And you need a website to both show off your business as well as a place to put your video content.

You can try to save money and use a free service. A lot of them exist, and the most popular free website options are Blogger and

The first problem is, when you use a free service, your domain is really just part of the provider’s domain, and you really aren’t setting up your own “home.”

Think of your website as your home, particularly if you are promoting your business. You want it as nice and professional as it can be for the people who visit you.

Another problem is that the free sites don’t allow you to design as professional of a page as you could if you use a professional, paid website hosting service.

Finally, if you use the free services, whenever there are changes to the service or the platform, your website could be adversely affected.

Getting Started in Live Video Must Have #2

Live Video Equipment

Yes, you can use just your phone to get started in live video or video production for recorded videos.

For me, upping my game was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

When you get great video, and in particular, outstanding sound, the production value of your video is astronomically higher.

Don’t get me wrong - your content must be king. Without good content, it won’t matter how good your equipment is, you are going to struggle.

But most people won’t spend valuable time in their day watching and listening to content that has a terrible picture and terrible sound. Even if your content is golden, you won’t even be given the chance!

So you must invest in some quality equipment for your video broadcasts.

The live video world is in its infancy. So you want to get ahead of the pack and make your mark right out of the gate, instead of playing catch up later.

If your live video efforts perform well, you’ll grow your audience and it will have a positive impact on your company.

To start getting the right equipment, you can visit THIS PAGE to consider everything you might want to get to start producing quality content right from the start.

Getting Started in Live Video Must Have #3

Every business needs a big email marketing plan. Email marketing is a direct link that you can create and have total control over that connects you to an interested consumer.

From Day 1 in your live video journey, you need to be collecting emails. And using the proper email marketing management service is key to success in marketing to your people.

Here is an affiliate link that will hook you up with my friend Nathan Barry’s company, ConvertKit. I love and use ConvertKit after recently transferring all of my email marketing to his company.

Video Broadcasting Excellence at Your Fingertips! Exclusive email content that costs you nothing!

If you are about to take your first snap, or produce your first scope, I’ve got some valuable information that I’ve learned on my journey that will help guide you in getting started.

The content you will receive from me as a subscriber is exclusive to people who want to be in the know regarding live video, and you won’t find the information I share anywhere else.

I want you to be successful with your video broadcasting endeavors. I want you to create high-level broadcasts and attract and create a community of people who care about you and your brand.

Get immediate access right now by signing up for the newsletter. I look forward to helping you get started.

One More Thing

Just so you know, I take what I do here seriously, and I want to be your friend, as well as your mentor.

I am interested in what you plan to do with video broadcasting, particularly with live video broadcasting. I want to know what challenges you face and how I can help you overcome those challenges.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email to ask me questions. While I do my best to respond to everyone, I simply cannot answer every email - there are too many of them!

But I will do my best, and I will use your questions as a means to help not only you, but other people who have the same questions as you do but who, for whatever reason, don’t just ask me!

So it is terribly important for you to send me your questions.

That way I can help make your video broadcasting experience as good as it can be.



Hey folks, I'm Todd.

And I love video.  Especially live video.

As I teach myself everything I can about video (particularly live video), you can learn from with me regarding how to start, create, and build an audience and community through video.  And most importantly, live video.

Ready to get started?

Copyright © 2017 Todd Bergin. All Rights Reserved. Design by Marketing Access Pass

Copyright © 2017 Todd Bergin. All Rights Reserved. Design by Marketing Access Pass

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