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Check out the latest tips on marketing with live video from my podcast.

010 – Owen Hemsath on Achieving YouTube Success and Crushing it Online with Live Streaming Video

Owen Hemsath, otherwise known as Owen.Video, is a very talented and accomplished video creator and producer, working with both recorded...

009 – Mike Murphy on Creating Stunning, Compelling Instagram Content that Educates His Audience

Mike Murphy of @MikeUnplugged (@MikeMurphyCo) joins me to discuss his mission in creating compelling educational content,, as well as his...

008 – Mike Vardy aka The Productivityist and I Discuss VidCon 2017 and World Domination Summit 2017

Mike Vardy, also known as the Productivityist, is a very well-known productivity professional and accomplished public speaker. I met Mike...

007 – Lindsey Margolis on Engaging Audiences on Snapchat and Social Media

Lindsey Margolis is a very well-known Snapchat artist and creator, and over the last couple of years she has focused...

006 – Chris Strub on Building Winning Relationships Through Live Streaming and Social Media

Chris Strub is an accomplished social media professional and author. Join us to hear about his amazing journey and how...

005 – Greg Gates, Jr. aka CashChatSnap on Creative Messaging on Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Greg Gates, Jr., also known as CashChatSnap on Instagram and Snapchat, is making waves with his talented and creative storytelling...

Hey folks, I'm Todd.

And I love video.  Especially live video.

As I teach myself everything I can about video (particularly live video), you can learn from with me regarding how to start, create, and build an audience and community through video.  And most importantly, live video.

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Copyright © 2017 Todd Bergin. All Rights Reserved. Design by Marketing Access Pass

Copyright © 2017 Todd Bergin. All Rights Reserved. Design by Marketing Access Pass

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