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Learn how to share your message and brand with the world using live video marketing strategies.

So, you want to get into live video...but...

...but you aren’t sure where to start. There are just too many platforms to choose from.

Facebook Live. Periscope / Twitter. Instagram Live. Instagram Stories. Facebook Messenger.  Snapchat. Spreecast. Livestream. Crowdcast. Firetalk.  Busker. And others...

Of course, by the time you read that previous paragraph, some of those may be dead already, with new platforms in existence that aren’t mentioned above.

That is how fast things in the live video space are moving right now.

Which is why you are here with me now. And you have the same questions and concerns as everyone else:

You want to grow a massive audience, but trying to get noticed on the internet seems next to impossible.

There are too many other people crushing it that you think you’ll never gain traction.

You don’t think you’ll be comfortable in front of the camera.

You have no experience broadcasting.

You don’t think you have a good voice for broadcasting on the internet.

You don’t have anything to talk about, or have a hard time coming up with ideas.

Hardly anyone is following you on your social platforms so you won’t get noticed.

You are worried about making a mistake, or saying the wrong thing.

Guess what? As stated above, most people have many of the same worries when considering a move into live video.

Are you going to let all of this hold you back? No way! You’re better than that.

You definitely have what it takes to crush it in live video, in-the-moment video, and broadcasting on the internet.

Whether you are an entrepreneur offering tangible or service-related products, or you are an educator, entertainer, or you’re somehow servicing a niche that others are interested in, you can broadcast on the internet with great success.

And I can help get you started. I can get you going, from scratch, with everything you need to know about getting started and building your live video community.

Who do I coach?

Many of my clients are new entrepreneurs who have never broadcasted anything in their life.  Just like you, they want to get started on the internet to either promote their existing business, or broadcasting on the internet is a key part of their strategy for their new business.

And they want to crush it.

Just as I help them crush it, I can help you crush it.  I can provide inspiration, motivation, and guidance. I can answer questions, and I can audit your efforts as you get started, providing valuable feedback to you based upon my own broadcasting experience and my study of other broadcasters.

I have experience in online marketing, website building, social media, marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, building an audience, email list building, personal branding, business branding, live video, in-the-moment video, YouTube, podcasting, manufacturing, product promotion and demonstration, and more.

Lately, I’ve really been doing everything I can do to learn and master live video, in-the-moment video, YouTube videos, and podcasting. I’m doing it all, and I can help you do it all as well.



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Copyright © 2017 Todd Bergin. All Rights Reserved. Design by Marketing Access Pass

Copyright © 2017 Todd Bergin. All Rights Reserved. Design by Marketing Access Pass

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